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For new members: Signing up for a membership automatically creates a recurring charge, which can be cancelled any time. All new memberships require a one-time $25 start-up fee to cover administrative costs, access fobs and safety training. Once you have created your membership account, please visit the Getting Started page to start using your membership. 
If you have any questions, please call us at 518.244.3544 or send us an email!

For current members: If you are a current member looking to upgrade your account (e.g switch from Associate to Maker) please contact TVCOG staff. Upgrades can not be done via the website.

For family or group accounts: Family members can be added at a 50% discount rate on Maker and Super Maker memberships. Organizations with a Professional Maker membership are eligible for discounts for multiple employees. Please contact TVCOG staff to arrange for either of these options.

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