The Prototyping Center at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity provides affordable access to advanced equipment, hands-on training and manufacturing space. It is set up to be especially accomodating to startups and existing businesses who need space for prototype iteration and short-run manufacturing, but it is available to be used by all members. Lease-free rental space is available for storage of raw materials, tools, and finished product. The valuable equipment in this limited-access facility requires a higher level of skill in its use, and has a higher cost for consumables and operation, so users of this equipment must pay for training and an hourly rate for use of each machine. 


Access - Maker & Super Maker Memberships

  • Access upon request, M-F 9am - 6pm (provided staff is available to unlock the door)
  • Must have completed equipment training and/or operational checkout
  • Prototyping Center Memberships receive priority on machine use

Access - Prototyping Center Memberships

Prototyping Center Members who have completed equipment training:  

  • 24/7 access to the Prototyping Center room
  • Priority access to the equipment and space rental
  • 25% discount on machine use rates
  • Ability to reserve workbench space
  • Scheduled access to a 7ft x 12ft 6,000lb freight lift for load-in/load-out
  • Contact us for organizations needing access for multiple employees   

Reserve access to the equipment using the equipment reservation calendar.   

The Equipment 

GantryRouterTable e1521596138231 150x200
Techno LC59120 58″x121″
Cost to Use: $0.31 per min (spindle on time)
Training & Operational Checkout: $120 - $200 
VacuumFormer e1521596191111 150x200
Belovac C Class 24″x48″
Cost to Use: $0.50 per cycleTraining & Operational Checkout: $40
Training & Operational Checkout: $40
LaserCutter e1521596226831 150x200
Thunder Laser 130W 35″x51″
Cost to Use: $28 per hour (file run time)
Training & Operational Checkout: $80
3DPrinting e1521596565569 125x200
sponsored by CEG
Stratasys F270 12"x10"x12" ABS, ASA, TPU
Cost to Use: Varies with Time & Material. Request Price Matrix.
Training & Operational Checkout: $40
Formlabs 3B 5.7"x5.7"″x7.3" Standard & Biocompatible Resins
Cost to Use: Varies with Time & Material. Request Price Matrix.
Training & Operational Checkout: $40


Since the value and repair cost of this equipment is higher, completion of an Operational Knowledge Checkout or equipment training is required to ensure all users are sufficiently skilled in each machine's operation. The Operational Knowledge Checkout is intended for those who are experienced with the equipment, and members will be asked to demonstrate their competancies. For those without experience, we offer one-on-one training. Class times are typical; training will be billed at $40 per hour if extra time is needed. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a training appointment. 

Stratasys F270 3D Printer Training

  • Training & Operational Checkout: $40 (1 Hour) - GrabCAD software signup and operation, loading/unloading filaments, changing print heads, basic troubleshooting, part cleaner operation.
  • Operational Checkout Only (Prior F270 Experience Required): $20

Formlabs 3B 3D Printer Training

  • Training & Operational Checkout: $40 (1 Hour) - PreForm use, loading/unloading resin, printer operation, basic troubleshooting, cleaning & curing parts
  • Operational Checkout Only (Prior Form3 Experience Required): $20

Nova51 Laser Cutter Training

  • Training & Operational Checkout: $80 (2 Hour) - Basic vector drawing in Inkscape, Lightburn (laser control software) use for cutting and engraving, safety, machine operation, basic troubleshooting.
  • Operational Checkout Only (Prior Laser Cutter Experience Required): $20

Belovac Model C Vacuum Former Training

  • Training & Operational Checkout: $40 (1 Hour) - Mold design best practices, material selection, safety, machine operation.
  • Operational Checkout Only (Prior Vacuum Forming Experience Required): $10 

Techno CNC Router Training

  • Operational Checkout Only (Prior CNC Router Experience Required): $40
  • Training & Operational Checkout:
    • PART 1: $80 (2 Hours) Basic CAD and CAM modeling in Fusion360.
      • May be skipped if a CAM model is provided that meets the following: 
        • One adaptive clearing tool path
        • One 2D contour tool path
        • Uses two tools from CoG library
        • exported G-Code with 15 min or less run time
    • PART 2: $120 (3 Hours) - Post-processing for Techno, tooling selection, feed/speed rate determination, material fixturing, safety, machine operation.


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