2022 Victorian Stroll- Information for Volunteers

Tech Valley Center of Gravity is thrilled to host a Maker's Market during this year's Victorian Stroll, hosted in partnership with local artists Nocturnal Fairy Co and Yamaguchie. The market will take place on Sunday, December 4th from 11am-5pm at 30 Third St Troy, NY 12180.

Due to the size of the event, and the sheer anticipated amount of visitors, we want to give you a basic rundown of the event. 

Event summary: Along with the Maker’s Market, the Victorian Stroll celebration at TVCOG will also include a free STEM workshop for children ages 4-12, a pop-up by Alias Coffee, an art installation (part of Troy Glow) and demonstrations and drop-in workshops in our various workzones. There is no demonstration in the welding zone. Music will be provided by DJ Rumba during the event. 

Alex will be making metal xmas ornaments in the machine shop, which are available for donation and customizable ($50, all day, ages 14+) and Irene will be hosting a drop-in metal jewelry workshop in Fiber Arts ($10, 11am-1:30pm, ages 12+). The customizing is hands-on for the ornament activity, and the entire workshop is hands on for the jewelry activity.

Jerry will be here from 1-4pm by his installation to talk about both Troy Glow and the MIR program.

There will be a TVCOG volunteer or staff member posted in each major area of the space and at the front desk to greet visitors and answer any questions. Volunteers, please be sure to wear your name tags- available at the front desk.

Event Schedule:

Doors open for vendors at 7:30am. All vendors must be in the space with all supplies unloaded by 10:30am at the latest. We will be locking our doors from 10:30-11am, and not permitting outside visitors in as we finish the last half hour of set-up. 

Vendors will be asked to check in at the front desk upon arrival. TVCOG will be providing name tags for the event. 

Doors will open to the general public at 11am; we will be opening both the front and back doors for this event. The entire COG, both upstairs and downstairs, will be open to the public, except for the kitchen, which will be accessible only to vendors and TVCOG staff/volunteers. 

There will be some snacks in the kitchen for volunteers. Vendors are also allowed to use the kitchen for breaks.

Doors will close to the general public at 5pm. We ask that vendors be done with breakdown by 6:30. Anyone who is not a current TVCOG member, or a guest of a member, will be asked to leave by 7pm at the very latest.


Usually, a large section of downtown Troy’s roads are closed off for the event. Information can be found on the official Victorian Stroll website.The event recommends using the following parking lots and garages (note most are pay-to-park):

  • Hedley Park Place Lot: free parking in front of River Street Market

  • Blitman Lot

  • Front Street Lot

  • Fifth Avenue Garage

  • State Street Garage

  • Congress Street Parking Lot: accessible via southbound on 5th Avenue

  • Russell Sage Campus


There will be one walkie talkie for volunteers in the following locations: SEFCU room, front desk, THINQubator, Metal Shop, Woodshop. Dan, Greyson and Liz will all have a walkie talkie as well. Please use these to communicate any emergencies.

Coats/purses can be stored in the ED office. Ask TVCOG staff or the volunteer at the front desk for the key.

There will be some snacks in the kitchen for volunteers. Vendors are also allowed to use the kitchen for breaks.

Members are allowed to use the equipment in the space while the event is occurring, except for the laser cutter.

Volunteer Shifts:

There will be two volunteers at the front desk. Both volunteers at the front desk should greet guests, answer questions and take donations. One person will be designated for tours, should they be requested. If a vendor/the DJ needs someone to cover their booth, one person should go, and the other should stay at the front desk. Put tours on hold if there is only one person at the front desk. 

Volunteers at the front desk will notice a "donate here" sign and items (mugs etc) available for donation. The iPad at the front desk will be set up for people to use to donate, and there will be a laptop at the front desk which can be used to take donations manually or sign up new members. Online donations are preferred- we are low on petty cash.

There will also be one volunteer in each zone; these volunteers should work on their own projects, demo the equipment, answer questions from Stroll participants, and keep Stroll participants from touching anything they shouldn't be touching! There will be a chain with a "do not cross" sign in each zone; Stroll participants should not cross this unless directed to do so by the volunteer on duty or the tour guide. 

Media volunteers are on designated photography/videography/social media duty. 

The volunteer schedule can be found below; everyone taking two shifts gets a 1-hour break. Anyone taking 3+ shifts gets at least 2 breaks. There will be at least one COG staff member on duty at all times.

Untitled design 1


There will be links to signage posted here for volunteers, in case more need to be printed. To print membership brochures, open up in Adobe, and set printer settings to “Booklet,” “Saddle Stitch.” To print about the stroll brochure, set printer settings to "booklet" and "fold" under "finishing."

Stroll Brochure & Map

STEAM-Powered Saturday Flyers

Photo Release Forms

Vendor List Flyer

Email list sign-up sheet

Answers to FAQs for Volunteers:

There is a bathroom for children in the THINQubator; it does have a changing table in it. 

We are wheelchair accessible; the elevator in the Broadway Entrance Lobby goes downstairs to the shops. Signal for Greyson to assist if someone requests to use this; the walk from the elevator to the shop is not an obvious path.

COVID-19 Safety: 

TVCOG policy requires that masks are to be used by all unvaccinated individuals ages 2+ while in the space. Any visitor to TVCOG must be free of COVID related symptoms. Due to the expected volume of guests, masks are encouraged for all participants/staff/volunteers at this event.